Hydraulic Pump Repair - an example of the service we can provide

The owner of a multi million pound 30-metre advanced composite constructed superyacht in Sardinia had experienced a failure with an A10V045 Rexroth/Brueninghaus variable displacement piston pump. The pump was responsible for several key hydraulic components which were needed to sail this carbon fibre superyacht. A phone call was made to several reputable hydraulic companies and finally we were contacted at about 4pm on the Thursday evening. The pump details were exchanged and it was established that we had the necessary spares in stock. So now the clock was ticking…

hydraulic pump repair route from Sardinia to unwin

The ship’s mate and the failed pump were duly dispatched on the first flight from Sardinia to Rome, then on the first flight to the UK which was from Rome to Heathrow Airport. The ship’s mate - a very friendly Aussie by the name of Troy - then immediately hired a car and drove the 120 miles or so from Heathrow to Moira.

Initially on the first contact we were expecting Troy to arrive sometime early on the Friday afternoon, so we spent the morning preparing the parts and generally getting ready for the repair to come in. We then waited …and waited …finally the customer called to say he would be with us shortly - he eventually arrived just after 6pm.

Once the customer turned up the race was on, as the return flight to Rome was booked for 5am the next morning…

So while Troy popped over to the local pub for a pie and a pint. The pump was degreased and stripped. The pump found to be in a fairly worn condition, but the main reason for the failure was that the pump splines had been stripped due to a poor coupling design/installation. So a new shaft was fitted with new taper roller bearings into the empty case, the bearing clearance was measured and a 0.094” shim was used to give the correct preload on the two opposing taper roller bearings. Once this was done a complete new rotary group was fitted along with a new seals. The original pump rear cover was fitted along with a new DFR controller. The test fittings were bolted to the pump and the pump was bolted to our test rig. The pump was then tested from 500-1850 rpm up to a maximum pressure of 3625psi, the pump efficiency was checked in stages every 500 psi. The pump DFR controller function was checked throughout its operating range.

The pump repair from start to finish had taken less than 3 hours.

We also recommended a split / clampable type splined hub which would prevent the pump shaft and pump coupling hub gradually fretting and wearing away.

Needless to say the customer was very pleased if not a little weary as he had been travelling for over 24 hours when we bundled him back into his hired Ford Focus and sent him on his way - only another 1200 miles to go!

Troy (on the left) and Pino Loffredo at the end of a long day.