Parker Pumps and Motors

Parker Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, and Flow Dividers

Parker Hydraulics have now taken over the Commercial and Ultra branded products.
We still can supply Commercial pumps, motors and flow dividers to the same exacting standards as always.
The quality and manufacturing standards remain the same, the only difference is the part number is now
preceded by PG which stands for Parker Group.

e.g P51A478BEOL20-7 becomes PGP51A478BEOL20-7 , M76A1878BEOR30-7 becomes PGM76A1878BEOR30-7.

The standard product range portfolio is as follows:

P30/P31 pumps and M30/M31 motors displacement range = 16.1 cc/rev - 64.6cc/rev
P50/P51 pumps and M50/M51 motors displacement range = 20.9 cc/rev - 104.5cc/rev
P75/P76 pumps and M75/M76 motors displacement range = 50.4cc/rev - 201.6cc/rev
P315 pumps and M315 motors displacement range = 7.6cc/rev - 40.6cc/rev
P330 pumps and M330 motors displacement range = 16.1 cc/rev - 64.6cc/rev
P350 pumps and M350 motors displacement range = 20.9 cc/rev - 104.5cc/rev
P365 pumps and M365 motors displacement range = 44.3 cc/rev 147.5cc/rev

Further information on displacements and working pressure click here
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The Ultra pumps and Motors are still available also.

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Parker Pump / Commercial Pump Quick Selection Chart

Parker/Commercial OEM Fitment Database
P30/P31/P50/P51/P75/P76 Pumps

P30/P31/P50/P51/P75/P76 Parker Hydraulic Pumps

Cast iron gear pumps which use needle roller bearings. Flows from 16 to 201.6cc/rev and pressures up to 201Bar/3000psi.

Parker 500 Series Pumps

Parker 500 Series Hydraulic Pumps

High performance aluminium units. Flows from 0.8 to 70cc/rev and pressures up to 275bar.

P300 Series Pumps and Motors

Parker P300 Series Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Heavy duty bushing cast iron gear pumps. Flows from 8 to 148cc/rev and pressures up to 241Bar/3500psi.

Parker PGP620 Pump

Parker PGP620 Series Hydraulic Pumps

Heavy-duty cast-iron pumps and motors. Flows from 16 to 52cc/rev and pressures up to 275bar/3988psi.

Rotary Flow Dividers/Intensifiers

Rotary Flow Dividers/Intensifiers

Available in the 31, 51 and 76 roller bearing and the 330, 350 and 365 bushing series.

Parker PGP620 plus valve

Valve Applications for Parker Hydraulic Pumps

Valve Applications for Pumps Series PGP300/500/600