JCB Pumps 3CX

We have MASSIVE stocks of genuine David Brown and Parker hydraulic pumps to fit JCB 3CX machines. We also stock seal kits and repair kits* for these pumps too!

It is amazing the difference a new hydraulic pump can make to an old machine This is because the hydraulic pump loses its performance in such a gradual manner over the years that is very hard to notice, but once a genuine new hydraulic pump is fitted the improvement in machine performance is immediately apparent. So if your machine seems slow and doesn’t seem to work very well at low engine speeds anymore, then a new pump could give your machine a new lease of life. (see note * below)

Please call us now for the best possible pricing. (min order value £50)

Note* If you are uncertain if your pump is at fault the the best possible course of action is to use a Webtec Digital Flowmeter to check the performance of each pump section. This will ensure that your time and resources are spent on fixing the problem rather than replacing components which are not faulty.