Klemm Drillhead Motors

We are now stocking a good range of Eaton/Charlynn drill head motors, the units are genuine and just the same as fitted to various drilling rigs including Klemm.

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Eaton Disc Valve Hydraulic Motors - more information

Roller bearings permit high radial loads. The radial load capacity is matched to the torque capability of the motor.
The high radial load capacity can eliminate the need for outboard bearings or other mechanical components thereby reducing installation cost and allowing the motors to be used on heavier vehicles in traction drive applications.
In the late 1950's the original low speed,high torque hydraulic motor was developed from a pump gerotor element consisting of an internal gear ring and a mating gear or star. While attaching the internal gear ring to the housing as a non-moving part, oil was ported to pressurize and turn the internal star in an orbit around a center point. This slow turning star, coupled with a splined drive to the output shaft, became the Char-Lynn Orbit motor.
A few years after this original Char-Lynn Orbit motor was introduced, another original motor concept went into production. This motor had rolls incorporated into the internal gear ring, this element was identified by the name GerolerR and is a registered trade name of Eaton Hydraulics. From these early years the Geroler motor has seen many design changes to make these Geroler motors the best the industry has to offer.
The displacements available provide a wide variety of speeds and torques.

Geroler Displacement Mechanism

Motors with the Geroler element provide high starting and running torque.
The Geroler element minimizes friction and thereby increases efficiency while providing smooth output shaft rotation even at very low speeds. Motor shaft rotation can be instantly reversed by changing direction of input/output flow while generating equal torque in either direction.
The function of the disc valve is to distribute fluid to the Geroler pockets. The pressure balanced sealing surface on the valve face maintains minimal leakage. Char-Lynn disc valve motors can be used in the same system with a radial piston pump and also in closed loop systems. The patented wear compensated disc valve provides supreme wear resistance and longevity
Hydraulic motors for Klemm drilling rigs

Klemm Drillhead Motors

Twin speed and single speed drillhead motors for Klemm drilling rigs.