CETOP Valve Offer

Eaton/Vickers CETOP 3 and CETOP 5 Valves

These solenoid operated directional control valves are for directing and stopping flow at any point in a hydraulic system. This 60-design series has been specially designed and developed to cover expanded demands in the industry as well as the many traditional uses of the earlier designs.

Benefits of CETOP valves include:
  1. Efficient control of greater hydraulic powers without increasing solenoid power consumption.
  2. Installed cost and space savings from higher power/weight-and-size ratios.
  3. Increases system efficiency; the result of improved manufacture of spools and bores.
  4. Installation flexibility resulting from choice of numerous combinations of solenoid connectors and locations.
  5. Multi-fluid capability without need to change seals.
  6. Higher sustained machine productivity and higher uptime because of proven fatigue life and endurance, tested over 20 million cycles.
  7. Solenoid coils can be changed quickly and easily without leakage from hydraulic system.
  8. Compact, cost effective system design when used with Vickers System Stack valves and subplates. Flows up to 80 l/min (DG4V3) and up to 120 l/min (DG4V5) respectively at 350 bar (5000 psi).
  9. International standard interface. The valve mounting face conforms to ISO 4401, size 03 and 05 and is compatible with related international standards.

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CETOP 3 Valves

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CETOP 5 Valves