Parker PGP620 Series Hydraulic Pumps

Heavy-duty cast-iron pumps and motors. Flows from 16 to 52cc/rev and pressures up to 275bar/3988psi.

Parker PGP620 Series Hydraulic Pumps

Parker PGP620 Series Hydraulic Pumps - Parker PGP620 Series Pumps

Parker PGP620 Series Hydraulic Pumps - Parker PGP620 Pump

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Parker Hydraulics has supplied the gear pumps and motors to mobile and industrial markets worldwide for many years, especially materials handling, commercial grass cutting and construction equipment applications. Many Parker pumps and motors have been developed and tested for the specific needs of these industries. Parkerís defined strategy to provide engineered solutions, coupled with an award winning flexible manufacturing system has resulted in a wide range of SAE/DIN/European and other special options being available as standard.


- Patented interlocking body design.
- 12 tooth gears, bronze balance plates.
- Tandem, triple and cross-frame pumps available.
- Common inlets available for tandem and triple pumps.
- Continuous operating pressures up to 275 bar.
- Production run-in available to suite OEM application conditions and to provide optimized volumetric efficiencies.

PGP/PGM 620:
Heavy-duty cast-iron pumps and motors - 16-52cc/rev
Operating pressure between 207bar/3000psi to 275bar/3988psi.


Product Data


Flow Rate: 16-52 cc/rev
Operating Pressure (bar): Up to 275 bar
Operating Pressure (psi): Up to 3988 psi

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