Rotary Flow Dividers/Intensifiers

Available in the 31, 51 and 76 roller bearing and the 330, 350 and 365 bushing series.

Rotary Flow Dividers/Intensifiers

Flow Dividers:


These units are made from standard motor components. Rotary flow dividers/pressure intensifiers offer advantages often overlooked when designing a hydraulic circuit. They are unique components which can be considered to “float” in the hydraulic circuit, working only when required, and then only to the extent necessary. Operating automatically, they do not require pilot signals or other devices to initiate their operation. Unlike variable orifice types, rotary flow dividers operate on the well-known principle:

Energy in = Energy out
minus a small efficiency loss

If the pressure at an outlet is lower than the inlet pressure, the low pressure section acts as a motor. The energy expended across the motor is not wasted generating heat but is applied through the connecting shaft to do work in the other section or sections.

Subcircuit pressure can be intensified above input pressure. Because of the flow divider’s capacity to intensify pressure, the pump and all subcircuit outputs must have relief valve protection.

From the pump, only one supply line is normally needed since the inlet port feeds each section via internal passages. A maximum of 6 sections may be assembled in one block.

The 700 RPM minimum operating speed insures adequate efficiency to properly function.

1300 RPM is the recommended maximum speed. Excessive noise may occur above this level.

The FD 31/51/76 do not require an external drain. The FD 330/350/365 series however, must have a drain port in one port end cover to drain internal leak age from the bushing cavity, e.g. 3/8” ODT or 1/4 BSPP. Four gear section or larger units will also require a second drain line placed in the other port end cover, or larger port machining in the original drain port.

The 31/51/76 series can be used in systems at pressures up to 241 bar (3500 psi).

The 330/350/365 versions can be used in systems pressurised to 275 bar (4000 psi).

Performance advantages:

- The design and close manufacturing tolerances keep internal leakage to a minimum, ensuring a high degree of accuracy;
- Cast Iron construction
- Flow dividers are pressure charged, eliminating problems common in feeding multiple pumps
- FD 330/350/365 are perfectly suited for fire resistant fluids
- Self lubricating and require no maintenance
- Flow dividers can be mounted in any position
- Extended studs for easy mounting
- Increase in circuit versatility
- Increased pump life
- Convenience.

Typical applications:

- Simplification of plumbing in complex circuits
- Motor synchronisation on conveyors, propel systems etc.
- Cylinder synchronisation on lift systems, grapples etc.


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